Wednesday, July 20, 2011

End of an Era

Warning: This post may seem overly dramatic and cheesy to those who don't know about my love for the Harry Potter Series (actually, it may even seem that way to those who do).

Harry Potter has been a part of my life since I was 11. It's weird to think it's actually over. As Jeff and I left the midnight showing on 7.15.11, I had to keep reminding myself there wouldn't be another book or movie. It's complete. It was a bitter-sweet moment for me as I watched the last few seconds of the film and stared at the three characters who have brought such fun and anticipation to my life for the past 11 years. I teared up as the Hogwarts Hymn played, and the screen faded to black. "To Harry Potter...the greatest series of all time."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This post is totally out of order, but it must be done! For Jeff's birthday, I surprised him by taking him to Tucanos where I planned for his entire family to surprise him by meeting us there. It was a great day. He got sung to at the restaurant, I made him a Mint Chocolate Chip cake, and he got some great gifts. Happy Birthday Jeff :)

Ode to Rachel


You are SO cute!...

How did I get so lucky to be your Aunt?...

I miss you...


(I love you too Adam) :)

White Coat Ceremony

On Saturday, my dad flew in from Las Vegas to attend Jeff's White Coat Ceremony. This ceremony is for all the medical students at Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine who are beginning medical school. During the ceremony, each of the students is called up, shakes hands with the president of the school, receives their white doctor's coat, and recites a medical oath with the rest of the class. This year, 2,700 students applied and only 85 were admitted. Of those 85, Jeff is one of the two that is not a TX resident. Congratulations Jeff!

Medical School!

This is Jeff on his first day of medical school, with his lunch I packed him and his new backpack! The weeks before medical school, I kept asking what he needed for his first day..."New folders? New binders? New Taiconderoga pencils? New Crayons?" (I guess it's the teacher in me...I LOVE first days of school!) He said he didn't need any of that, probably just his laptop for the first day. I guess the new backpack's a start, after all, you have to have something new on your first day of school! I love you Jeff!
Here's to the next __?__years!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Robbers Already?

One morning as Jeff was leaving for school, he gave me a kiss goodbye (I woke up less than halfway), I heard him go out the front door, and fell right back to sleep. An hour later, I thought I heard some voices and I sleepily figured, it's probably Jeff talking on his phone. "Wait a minute," I thought, "Jeff's not at home!" After this realization, I was fully awake, alert...and scared as I laid in bed...listening. Again I heard voices, louder this time. They were hispanic and they were laughing and speaking in tongues I could not understand. I immediately covered my head with blankets...still listening and trying to improvise a plan for the robbers that had somehow found their way into my apartment this morning. I thought, "Maybe I'll just lay here, and they won't notice me. No Jill, that's not very've gotta do something before they steal all your cute decorations and big screen TV!" So I flung the covers off my head, sat up in bed, and yelled..."HELLO?" In response to my inquiry, the voices stopped and I heard, "Hello? Hi...Maintenance! We didn't know anyone was here. There's a severe water leak and we came to fix it. We knocked and yelled to make sure nobody was home but we didn't get an answer so we let ourselves in to fix it." At this point I was: relieved that they weren't robbers (the maintenance guys for our apartment complex are actually really friendly), frustrated that management allows their maintenance workers to go into an apartment that has no answer (It's not my fault I'm a deep sleeper), and humored because was just a funny situation. What a warm welcome to El Paso :)

New Bathroom...New Colors

As we moved into our new place, I got really excited when I realized we had an extra bathroom. We already had a theme for our one bathroom in, but now there were more possibilities (I'm sure Jeff thinks I'm weird that that's what I was excited about, but you girls understand) I decided on a black, white, and red color theme, and with my mom's help we found decorations for it. This is how it turned out...

Fourth Festivities

Jeff and I decided to be very domestic for the 4th of July and made a cherry pie and cupcakes. We decorated them with stars, stripes, and red, white, and blue. Happy 4th!

Mohlman Family Pictures/California Trip

After our cruise, Jeff and I went to California with his family to visit B.J., Brandi, our nephew Bennet, their newborn baby (and our new nephew) Cameron. We had an awesome time there. We went to the beach (and there saw two dolphins do several high leaps out of the waves), took family pictures,and went to an Angels Baseball game. We love family!

We also saw some nuns hanging out on the beach, it was great...HaHa!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pretty Darn Cute

My niece and nephew had their 3rd birthday last month and Adam lately is very into Pink and Barbies and Princesses. So, for their birthdays, they each got a small bike, one green Diego bike and one pink Barbie bike. Adam claimed the pink one, the crowns, and one of the pink satin sashes :)