Friday, September 28, 2012

Nothing Much... new lately; Besides the fact that I recently found myself visiting everyone else's blogs and wondering why they haven't posted anything new lately...and then I realized I was doing (not doing?) the same thing :) It's because life lately has been busy, good, fun, and a lot of work all at the same time. And there hasn't been much PICTURE-taking lately---->hence the lack of blogging! (I just feel odd blogging without visuals)!

Med school is going very well for Jeff, and Kindergarten is going well for me. ( school and kindergarten...such a variation of academic levels). Jeff passed his first two tests with flying colors, and speaking of 19 kiddos have been learning how to spell theirs :) Those kids say some funny things too! Here are a few of the latest:

Me: "Who is the boss of the school?
Them: "You and the Principal."
Me: "Who is the boss of your house?"
Them: "Mom and Dad."
Me: "Who is the boss of this country?"
Victoria: "GOD!!!"

Michael: “Ms. Mohlman…do you believe in Jesus?”
Me: “Yes”
Michael: “Do you like Jesus?”
Me: “Yes”
Michael: “Me too!”

Me: (holding up the book, “Love you Forever”),
Isiah: “OH!! OH!!! I love that book, it makes me cry every time!”

Kayla: “Mrs. Mohlman, Isiah has a girlfriend.”
Me: “Cool!”
Michael: “I have a girlfriend too!”
Me: “Wow”
Ceddrick: “I have a lot of ‘em!”

Joceline (after looking closely at the makeup on my face): “Why do you always come to school painted?”

(After observing that Ray had fallen asleep at his desk) Noah: “Mrs. Mohlman!!! He’s sleepin’ on the JOB!!”

My Kindergarteners are pretty funny, but of course, The kids I'd always rather be with are these two:

So, all in all, life stays pretty entertaining. Sometimes, I just forget to blog about it :)