Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just Some Pictures...

...of my recent crafts:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Harry Potter Party

I always knew I had wonderful, amazing, cool friends, however I never guessed that any of these friends could share my same love/borderline-nerdly obsession for Harry Potter...I was wrong. I received this letter a week ago:


When I received my Hogwarts letter and "invitation to Platform 9 3/4 to participate in a Harry Potter night," it was all I could think about for the last seven days (like I said...kinda nerdy). And tonight was the night. Jeff (Ceddrick Diggory) and I (Hermione) arrived to... our full Harry Potter dress robes appropriate for the occasion. Of course, you all know I have had my Hermione outfit for 12 years now, but Jeff slaved for 5 hours this weekend making his from scratch.

The originality of the evening was excellent. When we walked in, we felt as thought we really had walked into a world of Harry Potter: 

 There were framed House signs and candles,


 Potions and spell-books,

 Authentic HoneyDukes treats,

Pumpkins and goblets,

A roaring fire and bottled Hogwarts Water,

 Good friends and costumes,

 And of course, Harry Potter Scene-It and movies.




Friday, October 26, 2012

The Final Pumpkin

 And the result is:

Harry Potter!

Fall Carnival

For the first time in Damian Elementary History (or at least since I've been there for the year and a half), we held a Fall Carnival.......DURING school. What could be more awesome than a three hour carnival on a Friday afternoon? Parents came, volunteers came, and every grade level set up their own carnival booth. Kinder did Halloween Bingo and A Cookie Walk...

I dressed up as a Pirate for the day and Jeff came along to help out too 

...but there were some other booths that were ALMOST better than ours ;) Like, the Petting Zoo Booth (full of geese, goats, scorpions, tarantulas, ponies, bunnies, and roosters, and bearded dragons). 

                       By 3:00, we were ready for the weekend...
...Have a nice one!