Monday, December 16, 2013

For Jeff

This may be deemed a "cheesy post" to some people, but they'd be wrong, because really it's more of a "Happily Ever After post."  

 I've heard many say that Happily Ever After isn't real. Well... they're simply wrong. (Sorry to be so blunt). 

With each day that passes of being married to Jeff, I realize how lucky I am to have him.
The little things are what make me realize it. They're the things he does (without even thinking about them) that let me know he adores me. At times I wonder how I got so completely lucky:

-He sings songs and substitutes my name into the lyrics (I've caught him doing this, even when he thinks I'm not listening)

-He tells me he loves me many, many, MANY times/day

-He calls me twice everyday (at least). Once during his lunch hour and when he's on his way home

-He hardly ever calls me Jill. It's mostly "Jilly," or "Beautiful," or "Love," or "Princess Toes" (still not sure where the latter came from)

-He always opens doors for me. Lately, his automatic unlock button to his car has stopped working, so he has had to open my door from the inside until we can get it fixed. Every time, it makes him so sad that he can't get my door and he apologizes. If we're in and out of the car a lot one day, this rounds out to somewhere between 7-10 of his sad faces and apologies :) But I make sure he knows I really don't mind.

-He helps me cook dinner when I've had a long day

-He comes grocery shopping with me

-He plans the most awesome things for special occasions

-During sporting events, he always makes sure I know what's going on and takes the time to explain things to me, even if I don't really care to know

-Flowers are given on a consistent basis :)

-We do everything together, and he adjusts his schedule to make it so (even enrolling in an extra year of college to complete 2 minors so we could graduate at the same time)

-He sometimes does household chores without being asked, like folding the laundry or unloading the dishes

-He always holds my hand when we are drifting off to sleep each night

-He takes me on a date every Friday evening, even though he could really use the extra studying time (though we don't always dress up like royalty)

-When he comes home each day, the first thing he does is give me a hug and ask me how my day was
-He helps me decorate the house for holidays

-Whenever I attend his sporting events like a basketball or soccer game, he always waves at me from the court/field, just to make sure I know that he remembers I'm there watching.

 -He takes me to the temple

-Whenever we are out somewhere and get drinks from a drinking fountain, he always lets me go first and even holds the button down for me

-He leaves me notes....pretty much anywhere & everywhere

-He loves Disney

-He often says to me, "We are living Happily Ever After!" and it makes me happy..................................

......because we are.