Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Delightful Disney Days :)

There are a few things I love most in this world: My Family, My Husband, Flip Flops...and DISNEYLAND. Better yet, I love when all of these things are combined and last week...they were. Spending one full day at the beach and two full days at Disneyland eating churros, watching fireworks, riding favorite rides, eating long-stick colorful lollipops,buying more fuzzy pink princess pens, walking down Mainstreet USA, getting soaked on Splash Mountain at midnight, laughing at my twin niece and nephew, taking pictures with Mickey and Minnie, and so many more magical memories...

..."Remember, this all started with a mouse."

Happy 4th!

This fourth of July, Jeff and I spent the weekend in Bountiful with Jeff's family. While there, we had a huge water fight, lit off fireworks, and made some necklaces out of flowers from their backyard. Of all these fun things, I only got pictures of the necklaces so they will have to do for this blog post...Happy Independence Day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Our First Anniversary...Wow! Has it really been a year? Yep! (and the best one of of our lives). To celebrate, we spent the night at a popular hotel called the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City. The hotel features many rooms each centered around a variety of themes. After looking for weeks at the many choices (African Safari, Mysteries of Egypt, Twilight, Romeo & Juliet, Secret Garden, Swiss Family Robinson, etc) we finally decided on one of my favorites...The Phantom of the Opera. Upon arriving at our temporary abode, I found half a dozen of these lovely long-stemmed roses waiting for me.

The room was amazing...Phantom-themed murals painted on the walls, a TV with red curtains around it, portraying a stage,

free, sparkling cider and cheesecake,

and an amazingly huge bathroom with a jetted tub.

What a great First Anniversary...Here's to the next wonderful year :)