Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Never A Dull Moment/Student Teaching Stories

1. "Mrs. Mohlman, what hotel do you live in in Las Vegas?"

2. Danny gave me a nickel and a penny for my Valentines Day gift. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that teachers could not accept money from students, but that I sure appreciated that he was nice enough to give them to me. He took it well.

3. Calin cried because he didn't win the fourth grade science fair.

4. "Can I go to the bathroom?" "Can I get a drink?"

5. I found a note on the floor from Shayna to Danny. It said, "Happy Valentines Day Danny! I know there are a lot of people who say I like you but I want you to know I don't, well I do as a friend because I think you are nice. If you ever want to email me, my email address is shayna......"

6. A few girls came up to me and told me that a boy's chair was wet. Great! To stop rumors from spreading, I told them he had probably spilled water. Later, I looked at his jeans, and sure enough, he had wet his pants. Ho Hum...

7. "Can I go to the bathroom?" "Can I get a drink?"

8. Addy drew me a picture yesterday. It said, "To Mrs. Moholoman. A Christmas Dress..." (with a picture of a red and green dress). A little late, but still very festive.

9. I had to ask Ethan to stop talking about 6 times during a 10 minute period today, which he did not comply to. I later asked him what was going on and why he hadn't listened to me. He explained, "Well, it's just that my imaginary friend was talking a lot to me, and I couldn't really ignore him." (*Silence as I was trying to figure out how to respond*) "Oh," I said. "Well, it might be a good idea to remind your imaginary friend that seat-work is a no-talking time. That way, he wont be a distraction to you." "OKAY!" he agreed.

10. "Can I go to the bathroom?" "Can I get a drink?"

11. During silent reading time (that the students have done for 109 straight school days in a row), Cade came up to me and asked, "I can't exactly remember......umm.....are we allowed to....uh.....draw right now?" I just looked at him and I think he got the point.

12. Spencer kicked Hannah's jacket across the room as hard as he could because it had fallen off the ground and was in his way. When I said, "Spencer!!??!!" he looked at me and said, "What?? What did I do?"

13. "Can I go to the bathroom?" "Can I get a drink?"

14. Melvin came up to me in tears and said, "Mrs. Mohlman? No one has come up to look at my science project poster. After consoling him I whispered to Cade to go over and ask Melvin what his poster was about, how he did his project, etc. Melvin came to me again later and said, "Mrs. Mohlman! Guess What?!? Someone came to look at my poster!"

15. Danny flipped off the PE teacher pretty aggressively and with both fingers last Wednesday.

16. Cade gave me a Valentine with licorice on it that said, "I'd feel 'VINE' if you'd be mine!"

17. "Can I go to the bathroom?" "Can I get a drink?"

18. Linsey marketed a new line of writing tools. She collects feathers from her chickens, washes them, sprays them with air freshener, sticks a piece of .5 mechanical pencil lead up the hollow part of the feather-end, and sells them for 25 cents. I thought I'd contribute to the cause, and when I did, she also included a paper entitled, "Chic Pens" and a lifetime warranty.

19. Jake consistently lies upside sown in his chair, with his head touching the floor and his feet in the air. I gently remind him 27 times a day that he should sit in his chair properly.

20. Linsey says to me every day before she leaves, "Goodbye Mrs. Mohlman! I'll miss you!"