Friday, February 24, 2012

Your Highness

Two new additions have entered into my classroom.
#1 The Crown:
When I wear this, the students know they can not come up to me to ask me questions (I wear it only when I hold my small group tutoring sessions while in class)

#2 The Wand:
The students know this is my magic wand and it can make them do exactly what I ask, "Listen, Learn, etc. (wish it really could)

Step Three is to have them start addressing me as, "Your Highness," but we're still working on that part.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Best Weekend Ever!!

(Well, all my weekends with the twins are the best weekends ever)...especially when the zoo is the main event. Interestingly enough, El Paso has a fantastic one.

I was excited that my jacket matched the cute zebras!

Giraffes are for sure my new favorite animal.



Note the Love Birds in the back ;)

"Yay! I'm a Llama again!" (Emperor's New Groove)


We had a Happy Time :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines; What Jeff Gave Me

I knew Jeff had something planned for us for Valentine's Day, but he wouldn't tell me what it was. (Precursor: He had HUGE test he'd been studying for for weeks on Valentine's Day, and another HUGE test the day after as well, but he still did the following): He wasn't home at 5:00, when he told me to be ready, so I got a little curious. At 5:01 I got a text message from him saying..."Clue #1: I love how you always write me sweet napkin notes for my lunches, go to our mailbox...p.s. you MUST walk this whole treasure hunt!" I headed out the door, so excited and went on a huge hunt for ten clues around our complex. Each clue started with, "I love how you..." and then ended with where to go next. During the hunt, I found a small box of chocolates and a teddy bear. The last clue directed me toward our house, so I went back and the door was locked. Knocking, I heard music begin to play behind the door and when it opened, there he was in a tuxedo with a towel around his arm, welcoming me into his restaurant. He escorted me to our kitchen table lit with candles, set with a take-out Olive Garden dinner, a dozen red roses, and a large box of Sees chocolates. I love him. We had a great time, and even though my gifts weren't as spectacular as his, he loved his box of candies, Star Wars cup, and a Wordsearch I had made for him (with words that, when put in sequence, spelled out a long love note).

I love you sweet Jeff. Thank you for making me the happiest girl :)

Valentines; What the Kids Gave Me

I opened the door in the morning to 20 five year olds standing there with their arms overflowing with Valentines for the class and for me. I've actually never seen so much candy or heart-shaped boxes of chocolates in my life! So, I told the kids to put everything they brought on my desk, and there was a mad rush of little ones trying to relieve their tired arms from the boxes of cookies, cupcakes, candies, and flowers they brought. That day, the other teachers at school were just as swamped with presents as I was when they asked me, "Doesn't it make you feel gross just thinking of all that candy they gave us?" "Absolutely!!!" I answered. (I secretly LOVED it). That afternoon, I think I had more fun than all the kids combined, helping them read the names on the gifts they brought to know who they were supposed to give it to, and watching the beaming smiles of those on the receiving end. Oh what happiness Valentine's Day brings...especially when you get a solid Hershey's chocolate apple!