Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cowboy/Cowgirl Training

My Aunt owns three horses in Las Vegas on a ranch, so Jeff and I decided to saddle up our horse-riding skills. On Labor day, we trotted and galloped and raced each other on the horses. Jeff almost got bucked off by his horse, "Sister." In fact, we became so good in those 45 minutes of riding that we are seriously considering entering the next Kentucky Derby (that's the one where they race horses, right?)

"You & Me Goin Fishing in the Dark"

Jeff and I aren't really fishers, but this song inspired us to go. We borrowed some fishing poles and worms and went to try our luck. When I first caste my line, the worm flew off into the water...oops...poor worm. And when Jeff first caste his line, it got stuck in a huge bush. By the time we fixed both mistakes, it was getting dark and the bugs were everywhere, so we decided try one last time and...caught nothing. So we left...empty handed and happy about it.

I Need More SHOES!!!

It's true...I do! Well, I'm pretty sure I do...okay maybe not. When we had new carpet put in a few weeks ago, we had to move everything out of our closet, and then put everything back in afterwards. Jeff's lived with me for a year, but maybe he just hadn't noticed the excess of shoes I owned until now...because as I was stacking all of them, he exclaimed, "OH MY GOSH!" and ran to get the camera.

I wasn't done putting all of them in yet, so this is only half of them. But hey, if the shoe it in every color, right? RIGHT!