Tuesday, August 10, 2010

In a "Fort" Night

Remember building forts in your living room as a kid? And then watching Disney movies while falling asleep under it? Jeff and I wanted to relive that, so we did!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Recption/Bountiful/Seattle/Canada!

"I LOVE weddings! Drinks all around!!!" (~Captain Jack Sparrow) I agree! But not because of the drinks (there were none) but because it was Jeff's sister's wedding! Andrea and Ryan got married in the Bountiful Temple a few weeks ago, and I got to do the centerpieces for the reception! On top of that, the reception center was the same one Jeff and I had ours at; Needless to say it brought back wonderful memories :)

Braiding Lizzy's hair the night before the wedding (she wanted curls in the morning...

...So Jeff thought he would help :)

While all the other pictures were going on, some of Jeff's siblings and I decided to have our own photo shoot...

...They turned out nicely...don't you think?

"Postcard Picture!"

A picture with the Bride

A picture with Ryan's little sister, Faith.

Here are the Centerpieces I did; So fun to do!

Even Jeff helped!!!

Putting my floral arranging skills to use :)

Andrea's sketch of the centerpieces/My referral sheet

So, an interesting thing happened at the reception...People decorated the Bride and Groom's car, but unfortunately, they rode off an a surprise tandem bike instead, leaving me with one thought..."We can't let the car go to waste!!" Jeff and his brother Spencer agreed, and proceeded to pose by, around, and in the car while I took the pictures...priceless.

Farewell to the Bountiful reception...

...And hello to the Seattle one! Jeff, his dad, and his brother drove to Seattle a few days before my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I FLEW there...us lucky ducks :)

When we first arrived, we all went to see the famous Space Needle, and of course I, being from Vegas said..."It looks just like the Stratosphere!" (Jeff informed me that it was the other way around).

Mount Rainier!


Yes...we DID decorate the car. We had to get them back for tricking us at the Bountiful reception!

We figured we might as well get more use of the car-window markers by writing this on Jeff's family's car (Yes, we did get a few honks throughout the trip!)

Below the Seattle reception area, there was a beautiful beach...

On the ferry to Vancouver Island in Canada, Jeff and I had to do the Titanic pose...after all, I had my Heart of the Ocean Necklace on, and you can't pass up an opportunity like that!

While in Canada, we visited the famous Buchart Gardens. We had alot of fun taking pictures of the most beautiful and random things.

My new favorite flower!!

Wah Lah! What a wonderful trip!! :)