Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warm-Weather Fun!

Jeff and I awoke this morning to a beautiful spring day, finally...some warm weather! Since it was Sunday, and we couldn't go golfing, we decided to celebrate the long awaited warmth with a picnic instead :) After church, we came home, packed our lunch, and traveled all the way to the grassy area in front of our complex :) Jeff seemed slightly embarassed at first, as we were right by the street with cars and people going by looking at us funny; but I have always been of the impression that everyone needs a good picnic in their life, so we just smiled and waved. Knowing Utah, it will probably be snowing again tomorrow, but it was fun while it lasted. Go have a picnic.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hooray for teachers! Yesterday was my first day of teaching a third grade class at Meadow Elementary for my BYU Practicum assignment...and I LOVED it. Although there is a lot to do, I think it will be a great learning experience and lots of fun. When my partner and I introduced ourselves to the class, the kids immediately began asking questions, "What's your favorite color?" "What is your favorite animal?" "Do you read Calvin and Hobbs?" etc. You know, all the important questions you need answered in order to really get to know a person :) One boy imparticular, Brock, has been flirting with us too. In fact, when it was time to go to lunch, he looked at us and yelled, "Come On... LADIES!" Hmm...flattering I guess? We teach our first lesson Monday morning. Wish me luck! By the way...what's your favorite color? ;)