Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday Wishes

  What a wonderful 23rd Birthday!
 I can't believe I'm really 23; I still feel like I'm 19 :) Here's why it was so amazing:

I woke up to these beautifully wrapped packages from my mom,

which were filled with these special gifts: 
(I think it's safe to say that my mom knows me really well).



  'brother & sister'

Later that day, the school announced my Birthday on the announcements, and I felt just like a school girl again :) When lunch time came around, my coworkers surprised me with:


While enjoying the rainbow cake in the Teachers' Lounge, I was called to the office where I saw 

(Needless to say the huge fruit bouquet from my mom and dad was LOVED and enjoyed by the entire school staff that day).

After School, I opened this from the mail (an extra little gift from my dad)

And this from Jeff:

3 MONTH MASSAGE ENVY MEMBERSHIP! (I'm already feeling relaxed :)

And how could I forget the sweet card from my Aunt, and the cute ruffled green shirt and necklace from my dear in-laws? Thank you, Thank you!

And later that night, I went out to dinner with some lovely girls from my church. Jeff of course volunteered to take me out to celebrate, but considering his 7 hour (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) test the next morning, I thought I'd let him study so we could celebrate my birthday and him finishing his 1st year of Med School  another day.

*All my Birthday wishes came true*

Sunday, May 13, 2012


 In church today, we got a cute Hershey's bar that they adapted just to Mothers (even though I'm not one yet, I still enjoyed the chocolate!).

 To make the day happier, Jeff got me a Mother's Day card and gift  (As he has always done). Can't tell you how much I love him!

 And then, there's the thing that makes me happiest on day's like MOM. Did you know I was actually born on Mother's Day? (May 14th 1989). Considering the special, close, and wonderful relationship my sweet mommy and I have, I think it's very telling I was born on that day. Don't you? There seem to be many coincidences in this world, but I know that's not one.
Whenever I see anything beautiful, I immediately think of my mom...She has taught me to see the beauty in everything in the word, no matter how small.

My mom has taught me that Fairy Tales are real.

My Mom has taught me to be KIND (she is the kindest person I know).

My Mom has taught me to be have fun in life.

My mom always took time to talk to me. Even after midnight curfews, she'd still be waiting up to hear how my night went, and those were some of the most precious talks of my life.

She taught me to achieve my dreams.

She taught me about family.

She is loved by everyone because of what she does, what she stands for, and who she is. I love you mom (my best friend).