Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unfortunate Fortune

What fortune cookie has the nerve to say to me....

I mean...really! When my in-laws and I were at The Mandarin restaurant and I opened this fortune and read it aloud, they all burst out laughing as I sat there with my scarves, bracelets, mittens, necklaces, hats, boots, rings, and earrings on. Pretty Sure this fortune is mistaken.

White Christmas

This Christmas will be my first one away from home, so it will definately be different, but still lots of fun. In Bountiful with Jeff's family, it's looking like it will be a white Christmas so far. Having never built a real snowman before, I decided to take advantatge of the weather and convinced Jeff and my sister-in-law Lizzy to build one with me. This is how it turned cute :)

We got a little sidetracked...

...but then got back on task while finding chocolate chips in the fridge to make the snowman's smile :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cosmo Cougar

Everyone at BYU knows that it is a necessity to get your picture taken with Cosmo Cougar sometime before you graduate!......."Check!"


I realized one week ago that I need to work on translating acronyms. I saw this sign and yelled to Jeff, "Look! Free Hobo Breakfast!!! That's so nice of them!" Okay...enough said.

My Best Friend's Wedding

Isn't it the best when movies happen in real life? Or at least the title of the movie anyway? We had a wonderful time in Vegas (again!) celebrating Lexi and Elvis' wedding. Honestly, there are few things that make me happier than a new marriage. Because of this...I am seriously contemplating being a wedding planner when I grow up. (Too bad I'm almost finished with my degree...NOT in Wedding Planning) ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Vegas Visit...again/again!

I'm pretty sure our visits to Las Vegas have reached an all time high this semester...hooray! This time for Thanksgiving, we stayed a whole week and while visiting we: played with/watched movies with the twins, went to the Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa Odd place to see santa? I think Yes! (especially since Santa never showed up. But at least we got to sit on all the cool motorcycles and boats they had), decorated "The Tree" (tradition), said goodbye to "The Tree," as it was our last year decorating it, visited the Magical Forest at Opportunity Village, and listened to Jeff and my Grandpa play electric guitars together, until my dad decided to join in with his accordion....then we all just laughed.

Murder Mystery Party

So, pretty much everyone that knows me knows that I can't take anything in the least bit when we were invited to a murder mystery party that our friends were hosting, never having been to one before, I didn't know what to expect. But, of course, it wasn't scary at all, but tons of fun. We dressed in fifties garb and had a fantastic time!

Visit to Vegas...again!

This particular visit to Vegas was extra fun! Two of my very good high school friends, Justin and Matt returned from their missions and were preparing for their church homecoming talks that weekend, so we decided to have a high school reunion with our frriends who happened to be down (we missed you Oliver and Lexi! ) We also spent a lot of time with family, as always! Thanks Mom, Dad, Ry, Amy, Rachey, and Adam for the fun time!