Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Friends Know Me Pretty Well...

Recently I received two packages in the mail from two fabulous friends. I think they know me pretty well from the looks of things…wouldn’t you agree???

This package arrived by Hedwig through the Owl Post and included magical goodies such as a blanket, authentic wizarding candies, Kyle’s first (and most important birth certificate; No, not the one from the state, the one from Hogwarts!) and some Harry Potter-engraved baby spoons). Thanks Amy…I’m so glad I have someone who shares in my deep and profound love/”geekiness” of Harry Potter obsession!

 This package arrived in Disney magical wrapping from my friend Richelle! I was overjoyed at the Mickey baby shoes, Onsies with matching ears, Mousketeer shirts and mini stuffed animals-aka:Kyle’s new favorite toys-I have decided).  After receiving this package, we planned a trip to Disneyland for this Summer…around these baby outfits alone. We will be making our debut at the Happiest Place on Earth in June.

What magical mail! Thanks friends!