Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick Update


-I started taking a Zumba class for it!

-Jeff got a 90% on his BIG summative medical school exam.

-I am taking X-rays of people's teeth at an orthodontic office.

-I have had three interviews for teaching positions...we'll see!

-Our new bedroom set will be arriving on the 1st of October.

-On average, we eat one watermelon in two days...beat that!

-I am trying new crock-pot recipes I've never tried before and they're turning out great!

-We just booked our flights for a trip to Disneyland with my family *MaGiCaL*

-ALMOST finished with the Hunger Games series, and I don't want it to end.

-I got SO excited when I saw pumpkins at the grocery store!

-I am loving watching episodes of my favorite old TV show 'Hey Arnold.'

-I bought oatmeal-raisin cookie hand soap from Bath & Body Works.

-Jeff bought me a pretty pink Gerber daisy.

-We discovered a tasty self-serve frozen yogurt place in El Paso (feels like Provo now!)

-I care more about BYU football (maybe it's because I miss being in Provo for the games?)

-I got a big bonus at work last month!

-We were called to be Sunday School teachers of the 15-16 yr. old class.

-Jeff and I are in love (well, that's not just lately, it's always, but I thought I'd throw it in there :)

The End

Forget Not...

Tonight was very inspirational. As I listened to President Uctdorf speak to the women of the church in our General Relief Society Broadcast, I heard many things I needed to be reminded of. It centered around Forget-Me-Nots...

The five Petals of the Forget-Me-Not flower remind us of 5 things we should never forget:

1. Forget Not to be patient with yourself. Sometimes, we look at our successes as small, not good enough in comparison to others, but remember success is small to our Heavenly Father.

2. Forget Not the difference between a positive and a useless sacrifice of your time. It probably isn't necessary to stay up all hours of the night finishing the fashion accessory for the dress you'll be wearing the next day. However, it is a good use of your time to lose a few hours of sleep caring for a family memeber who became ill in the middle of the night.

3. Forget Not to be happy. Remember the story of the Golden Ticket in Willie Wonka? Eventually, the joy of the candy bar was lost unless a golden ticket was found. In life, don't wait for someone to hand you your Golden Ticket, be grateful for the delicious candy bar.

4. Forget Not the WHY of the Gospel. Make sure you are understanding the real and purposeful reason behind the things you're doing, instead of making them into something to cross off a checklist.

5. Forget Not that you are not forgotten...that Heavenly Father loves you. That you are a daughter of God. You are known and loved by the most supreme and majestic being in the entire universe.

I'm so grateful to belong to a church that I know has the fullness of the truth of the restored gospel, and for the loving words of counsel we receive to remind us of the things we should "Forget Not."